Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Coating Business

Since 1930, when the Company was founded, Sinyo Corporation has been a pioneer in Japan in the painting and coating of steel frames. The Company boasts a more than 80 year as a leader in coatings for petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants.

Plant Maintenance

With the on-site offices located in the compounds of petroleum refineries and petrochemical complexes across Japan, the Company has a structure in place for responding quickly to the maintenance required in plant facilities. A variety of cleaning methods by the Company, which are proprietary technologies developed to significantly reduce industrial wastes, are highly rated in terms of environmental protection.

Overseas Business

The Company began in the 1960s in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America by helping to build plants in the countries of these regions. Because of its high level of technologies and substantial experience, Sinyo Corporation is currently involved in overseas projects in many countries.

Removal of Asbestos

The toxic properties of asbestos are widely reported on television and in newspapers. Based on findings from a preliminary survey, the Company safely removes asbestos using the most appropriate methods.

Painting of Bridges

Bridges need painting technology that are in harmony with the beauty of the natural scenery, while at the same time the coating technology must withstand harsh natural weathering. As proven by our records of accomplishment on the Yokohama Bay Bridge and Seto-Ohashi Bridge (connecting Honshu and Shikoku Islands), the technologies and construction methods developed with our expertise created functional beauty combined with aesthetic factors and sturdiness.

Heat Shield Painting

Heat shield painting as we recommend is very effective in reflecting sunlight and preventing heat from being conducted to the roofs of offices and plant buildings. Painting on roofs therefore helps ease the cooling load on air conditioning systems, producing a high level of energy saving. This painting also excels in sound insulation and waterproofing.